Relationship Therapy

 Relationship Therapy

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Building stronger, happier
relationships is a skill
that can be learned.

Relationship Therapy is one of the most commonly provided services at Morning Light Counseling.  In a time when marriages, families, and social connections are becoming ever more fragile, relationship therapy has become an ever more needed and valuable resource. 
Varieties of relationship therapy provided at Morning Light Counseling include:

- Marriage Counseling
- Family Counseling
- Parent Training
- Communication Skills

Clients often report a long line of prior relationship challenges in their own lives, families, and communities.  In many cases, due to these prior disappointments, they have lost hope that relationships can be safe, productive, or satisfying.    

Fortunately, positive relationship building is an absolutely learnable skill.  Careful research and clinical experience has revealed  what creates positive, enduring relationships.  These are mindsets and behaviors that can be taught, and learned.  Once learned, the happier results of those strategies can send ripples  of positive impact for generations.

Relationship Therapy 
generally consists
of 3 fundamental stages:

blue steps 1-3 as puzzle pieces

Step 1: Identify

Step 2: Replace

Step 3: Assimilate

In Step 1, you and your counselor identify your desired relationship vision, and clarify unmet needs, expectations, obstacles and issues in your current relationship. You then develop a vision for your improved connection.

In Step 2, your counselor helps you replace old negative patterns in your communication and relationship style, helping you to develop new skills and strategies to increase connection, mutual understanding, and mutual respect. 

In Step 3, with your counselor's support, you practice applying these new patterns in your life, until they become familiar and comfortable for you. As you become confident and consistent in applying these new patterns, your relationships become happier and more fulfilling.

Through these 3 steps, you increase the strength, vitality, and joy of your relationships.  Day by day, you build new patterns of positive connection that can foster fulfilling relationships in your own life, and for generations to come. 

Relationship Therapy

- Marriage Counseling
- Family Counseling
- Parent Training
- Communication Skills

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