Emotional Healing

 Emotional Healing

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Life can be hard at times,
 but help and hope
are within your reach.

Emotional Healing
is the most common goal people pursue in seeking counseling.  Life can bring many challenges - but those challenges don't have to be permanent.  
Areas of personal struggle that can be helped through counseling include:

Depression Recovery
- Overcoming Anxiety
- Getting past grief and trauma
- Conquering an addiction

At Morning Light Counseling, the approach to solving these problems is to support and empower you in gaining new tools to overcome your current challenges - tools that you will have available to you for the rest of your life, to help yourself and others. 

 While some time is spent reviewing your personal history, to understand how your problem developed, the major focus is not on rehashing the past, but is on giving you new skills and perspectives in the present, to help you transform your life today, leading to a happier future.

Emotional Healing 
generally consists
of 3 fundamental stages:

blue steps 1-3 as puzzle pieces

Step 1: Identify

Step 2: Replace

Step 3: Assimilate

In Step 1, you and your counselor identify factors contributing to your past and current challenges.  These may include: 1) hurtful life experiences; 2) negative thought patterns; 3) problem behaviors; and 4) negative relationship patterns. 

In Step 2, your counselor helps you develop replacement strategies for each of the negative factors identified in Step 1. You learn how to trade in negative thoughts, behaviors, and relationship patterns for more positive, productive strategies.

In Step 3, with your counselor's support, you practice applying these new patterns in your life, until they become familiar and comfortable for you. As you become confident and consistent in applying these new patterns, life becomes happier and more fulfilling.

Through these 3 steps, with your counselor's guidance and support, you trade in old hurtful patterns for new ways of feeling, thinking, and living.  Over time, therapy fades out, as you become confident in maintaining these healthier patterns on your own.


Emotional Healing

- Depression Recovery
- Overcoming anxiety
- Getting past grief and trauma
- Conquering an addiction

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Joy Cometh In the Morning

Morning Light Counseling is designed to extend light and hope in the midst of stormy, perilous times.
While much is amiss in the world, there is also much to celebrate, much to rejoice in. 
"Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning." (Psalms 30:5)

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