Videos, Podcasts, & Audio

Video, Podcasts, and Audio

While reading can be a powerful way to expand your learning, it is certainly not the only way.  When you are busy, short on time, or just emotionally and physically tired, sometimes reading is more than you can do.

Happily, other resources are now available as well, that can allow you to learn on the go, without having to read.   Here are some of those resources:

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Emotional Wellness (General)

Look Up and Move Forward (Podcast with Seth Adam Smith) - 8 episodes, available as video on YouTube.
1 - Feeling Depressed and Anxious? Maybe You're Not Seeing the WHOLE Picture (27 min)
2 - It's The End of the World (As You Know It) || Transformation: The BEST Response to Adversity (22 min)
3 - Is It A Jagged Stone Or A Diamond? || A Way to Overcome Adversity (47 min)
4 - The ONE Thing You Can Control || Your Circle Of Influence (39 min)
5 - Look Up in Gratitude & Service || Love's Umbrella (29 min)
6 - Seeing BEYOND The Media || A Full Spectrum of Life (36 min)
7 - Find The Sunshine || The Wellness Grid (55 min)
8 - Building a Cathedral: How (and Why) to Motivate Yourself (34 min.)    --- See a summary of these  episodes here. --

- Podcast (video) - Overcoming Depression and Building a Joyful, Fulfilling Life (also audio here.)  (Ganel Lynn Condie) (49:38)
- Podcast (audio) - Emotional Healing and the Power of Music (Todd Sylvester, Beliefcast) (54:33)
Podcast, Building Your Happiness Toolkit for Retirement, Part I   (Reid Stone, in video, mp3, print) (52:39)  Also Part 2 here (41:51)

- Radio Interview – Overcoming Anxiety  (Ciara Hulet) (17:04) - COMING SOON
- Facebook Video Interview – Upcoming Book, Your Happiness Toolkit (Robin Wiggins Towe) (21:36)
- Your Happiness Toolkit - Audiobook (8.5 hours)

Relationship Building

- Building Powerful Relationships – The 4 T’s (Talk with Music) 1:35:34) - COMING SOON
- Radio Interview - Strengthening Marriage (Matt Townsend) (35:28) - COMING SOON

- “We’ve Grown Apart” - Restoring Friendship, Trust, and Closeness in Your Marriage, and Making It Last Forever”  (Video) (1:14:54) - COMING SOON


It is hoped that the resources provided here
can help you internalize and implement these positive healing strategies,
to bring more resilience and joy into your life and your relationships. 

Joy Cometh In the Morning

Morning Light Counseling is designed to extend light and hope in the midst of stormy, perilous times.
While much is amiss in the world, there is also much to celebrate, much to rejoice in. 
"Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning." (Psalms 30:5)

Carrie M. Wrigley, LCSW, smiling in soft morning light, beside a healing path - "Joy cometh in the morning."

Carrie M. Wrigley, LCSW

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